Understanding Testability and Test Smells

Test smells are violations of best practices in test code where as testability smells are violations of software design principles that make writing tests difficult. The article explains both kinds of smells in more detail.

June 14, 2022

Comparing Designite with SonarQube and NDepend

How Designite fairs with SonarQube and NDepend? Which one is more appropriate for your needs?

Nov. 8, 2020

Make most out of your CI pipeline: Hassle-free and efficient code quality analysis and monitoring

Keep on reading if you would like to setup (or improve) your CI pipeline in GitHub to analyze the code every time you push a commit and upload the code quality analysis report to QScored for rich visualization as well as for relative ranking and code quality trend analysis.

Oct. 10, 2020

How to show-off code quality of your project within and outside your organization

If you are big fan of build and test badges posted on your GitHub or any other hosting platform then keep reading; I am going to show how you can show-off code quality of your project by adding code quality badge within your repository.

July 26, 2020

QScored: An Open Platform for Code Quality Ranking and Visualization

Interested to know where code quality of your project stand compared to a large number of open-source projects? Keep reading...

July 7, 2020

Introducing DesigniteJava Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

We are glad to introduce DesigniteJava plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. The plugin bridges the IDE and DesigniteJava and helps you keep your source code quality high.

Nov. 27, 2019

Analyzing Architecture Quality Evolution

This article provides a summary of architecture smells with examples and presents a case study of analyzing the evolution of architecture quality using DesigniteJava and an open-source utility program. You may use the open-source utility to carry out a similar analysis for your Java project.

Aug. 25, 2019

Four Strategies for Managing Technical Debt

Why technical debt is an important concern for a software development team? Why should we care about technical debt? Should we pay attention to it?

Aug. 13, 2018

Action Hub – Your Friend in Tracking and Refactoring Smells

Action Hub is your friend when it comes to track, manage, and plan identified smells in a project.

March 10, 2018

Code Quality Profile of Three Well-known C# Open-source Projects

We analyzed three well-known open-source projects Corefx , Roslyn , and MonoDevelop to gain some insight about their code quality profile.

Jan. 2, 2018