Introducing DesigniteJava Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Nov. 27, 2019

Tags: DesigniteJava , IntelliJ IDEA , Plugin

DesigniteJava is serving many developers like you to determine the maintainability issues in their Java source code. The tool detects smells at architecture, design, and implementation granularities. Also, the tool provides useful code quality metrics covering many object-oriented aspects of software quality.

We are glad to introduce DesigniteJava plugin for IntelliJ Idea. The plugin bridges the IDE and DesigniteJava (which is currently offered only as a console application) and helps you keep your source code quality high.


DesigniteJava plugin
DesigniteJava plugin for IntelliJ IDEA in action

The plugin tags methods and classes suffering from various smells by placing Designite's icon on the gutter next to the method or class definition as a line marker. It motivates you to refactor the tagged method or class to improve the maintainability of the code. You may also click on the icon to get information about the detected smells.

Also, the plugin shows the source code quality information in a tool window to keep an eye on the code quality. The information includes all detected smells at design and implementation granularity as well as code quality metrics.

You may analyze your source code by selecting Tools->Designite->Analyze code option within the IDE. If you wish, you may instruct the plugin via plugin settings to analyze your code every time you start the IDE.

Usage settings

Settings for DesigniteJava plugin
Settings for DesigniteJava plugin

This plugin uses DesigniteJava to analyze Java source code. Hence, it requires you to download the latest version of DesigniteJava Enterprise. The plugin can download DesigniteJava for you. If you already have DesigniteJava downloaded on your machine, you can specify the path and rest is taken care of by the tool.

If your project is very large, you may need to specify -XmX flag to avoid getting Out of memory exception.

You may download the plugin from Jetbrain's marketplace from IntelliJ Idea IDE (Preferences -> Plugins) or from Jetbrain's website.