1. Download DesigniteJava.jar file from the website.

  1. Create a folder (for example, DesigniteJava) any convenient location in your machine and move the jar file to the newly created folder.

  2. Ensure that you have Java 11 or later installed and configured.

  3. Run following command to ensure that you can run DesigniteJava.

java -jar DesigniteJava.jar --version
  1. Register a license key (optional; applicable only for Enterprise edition)

java -jar DesigniteJava.jar -r <lic_key>

Of course, replace <lic_key> with the license key received from Designite. Designite team provides a node-locked license key when you buy a license key. If you are eligible, you may request an academic license key for free. Please refer Request an Academic License page for more details.


It is not recommended to move the DesigniteJava.jar file after the license key registration step. If you have to move the file, ensure that you either move the entire folder you created in step 2 above or, at least, move the jar file with the .config file created after the registration step.