Types of licences

  • Professional license: The license unlocks all the tool’s features and allows free upgrades during the subscription period. Refer to Get a Designite License for pricing details.

  • Academic license: We offer free licenses with all the tools’ features to academic researchers to promote the innovation in software engineering research. Refer to Request an Academic License to know more.

  • Trial license: By default, the tools come with a trial license. A trial license allows you to evaluate the tool on a smaller scale in your context. The license imposes a few restrictions. For example, with the trial license, you can analyze a project with more than 50,000 lines of code and see the summary; however, you cannot see the detected smells and other information in detail. Similarly, you cannot use features such as “Export” with a trial license.

Our licenses are node locked i.e., a professional license bought for Designite (C#) can be used on one machine only. The licenses are language dependent; hence, if you need to install DesigniteJava professional license on the same machine where you have a professional Designite (C#) license, you will need a separate license for DesigniteJava.