DesigniteJava Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

The plugin analyzes your Java projects and identifies code smells at implementation, design, and architecture granularity. It also computes common code quality metrics to measure complexity, cohesion, and coupling.

The plugin tags methods and classes within IntelliJ suffering from smells to motivate you to refactor the method or class. Also, the plugin shows a tool window that lists code quality information (i.e., smells and metrics) of the active file to keep an eye on the code quality.


You can install the plugin by searching the name of the plugin within IntelliJ IDE using Preferences -> Plugin option.



This plugin uses DesigniteJava to analyze Java source code. Hence, it requires you to download the latest version of DesigniteJava Enterprise. The plugin can download DesigniteJava for you. If you already have DesigniteJava downloaded on your machine, you can specify the path and rest is taken care of by the tool.



If your project is very large, you may need to specify -XmX flag to avoid getting Out of memory exception.