Here are some common issues that you may face with the tool.

  1. You have registered the key, but you are still getting the following warning.

The trial version allows you to analyze an application [...]

One potential reason is that you have moved the jar file after registration. Upon registration, the tool creates a file .config in the same folder as the jar file. If you move the jar file to another location without moving the .config file, the tool will not find the license key to validate, and you will get this error. The remedy for this issue is to move the .config file as well if you have to move the jar file.

  1. While registration, you get the following error and exception.

License key could not be registered.
Exception during logging. [...] (Read-only file system)

The issue indicates that the registration was successful in the first trial, but the tool could not write the .config file on your local machine (due to access issues). To solve this issue, open the .config file that can be found in the same folder where DesigniteJava.jar is placed, and add your license key in a new line.

  1. You are getting the following error during license registration.

Error - License registration unsuccessful. It seems the license key has been already registered.

It implies that the license is already registered. You are using the wrong key, or a key not assigned to you, or you have registered the license earlier. If you have already registered the license key earlier, check the other applicable solutions (1 and 2 above).